Les Bicknell: a pattern and chaos conversation

I’m watching the pattern and chaos conversation that is happening in my garden as the work for Chelmsford is rusting nicely and been taken over by random growth. The Public Art Project can be followed on its own instagram page @knownknowledge where the background research for proposed work for Goldlay Sq in Chelmsford can be seen. Continuing the idea of information and communication whilst making connections with the history of the site. In the process of the space becoming a place it was the site of an allotment. I have been thinking about the material contained within plant matter. Looking at cell structures and the process of growth. Words such as storage, connections, food and seed are spinning around my head. This is a fairly underlying concept and is at the root of the idea of existence and evolution – this has taken me into the world of Ernst Haeckel. Information and embedded knowledge has thrown up numbers, patterns and sacred geometry. On the other hand the library storage facility and the idea of book have a role. I started to build and draw book structures whilst thinking about the question – What does information look like? The book as an image standing in for knowledge, a container of information, documented and disseminating. To disseminate is to “spread abroad as though sowing seed. The two ideas mesh and point to fundamentals – the building blocks of the material around us.

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