Symposium Speaker: Ross Cairns, Creative Technologist

Ross Cairns, Project Lab

Ross Cairns is a multi-award winning creative technologist with a unique skill set encompassing design, programming and new technologies. He possesses over 12 years’ experience facilitating innovative digital experiences that have fostered synergy between design, engineering and technology.

He has utilised his application of Agile, Design Thinking (user centric design methodologies, double diamond), Lean design as well as DevOps (Git, Docker, Linux, Jenkins, etc) to create interactive VR, AR, installations, applications, websites and conversational experiences in both the public, private and enterprise scale organisations. The hallmark of his work to date is having won Tate Britain’s inaugural IK Prize for the concept of After Dark, which resulted in a global media reach of over 1bn.

Ross will be talking about his practice and working with “design + code”. He tells us: ‘computers are logical, binary and machine-like. Yet making software is messy. To create the latest types of digital experience – ai-based, conversational and cross reality etc. – we need creative practitioners who can get their hands dirty and expressively work with complex systems.’

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