Transit Works: Krzysztof Fijalkowski

‘Transit Works’ is a display of over 300 collages produced by Norwich University of the Art’s Pattern and Chaos group member Krzysztof Fijalkowski, displayed on the steps of the university’s Duke Street Riverside building. These are pieces made over a period of a decade or more using lost or discarded objects found in the street on his daily walk between Norwich railway station and his office at NUA. He assembles his pieces as soon as he arrives in the office and describes this process as carving out a space between responsibilities in order to make the work. The works are made swiftly within strict parameters: only the detritus found in a single journey can be used in a single piece and must fit the A5 sheets of recycled card. Though acknowledging the assemblages of Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Cornell or the typographic layouts of Karel Teige, his pieces have their own distinct logic and aesthetic. The uniformity of Krzysztof’s method is echoed in the format used to display the works carefully propped against the steps. Displayed in such quantities these artworks are just as compelling en-masse as they are individually.