This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Pattern and Chaos reflects research as shaped by a group of collaborative, interactive and networking designers, artists, theorists and innovators in education, all of whom are based in the UK at Norwich University of the Arts.

Pattern and Chaos charts not only a quest for ways of knowing, seeing, doing and making but also for new forms of materialization. It seeks to make manifest both real and imagined territories, reflecting a crossing-over rather than binary opposition between art and science. An emergent paradigm of that which drives the curiosity, methodology and outcomes of the research is suggested by the notion of constellation, whether referring to the cosmos, a search engine or any other phenomena.

Pattern and Chaos might indicate conflicting or unresolved interpretations of the same or similar material.  Thus what is pattern to one person can be chaos to another, and vice versa. Innovation is provoked by difference and dissent as well as by community.

Pattern and Chaos invites partnership, links and opportunities.



For more information on the Norwich University of the Arts research community, visit http://www.nua.ac.uk/research/