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asked for some starting points – I thought of this – off the top of my head
I have been to so many events recently where I have donned VR kit that it is getting a little passé or maybe just overused – the last was show at Norwich Arts Centre – not craft but performance….there is a need for good content and for it not to be all about the tech.
a friend of mine Jonathan Keep is quite a leader in the field of ceramic 3D printing and travels the world building and teaching.
I have been watching for a while and they are doing interesting work in the digital/art/hybrid/collaboration/research world was a good one.
locally we have collusion – I’ve been to a couple of their meet ups and they are well intentioned.
I worked with Naomi Macintosh on a project and she was doing interesting modular jewellery work with lazer cutting
Karina Thompson was also part of the project and was using circuits within gloves to manipulate objects remotely.
from the Build your own: tools for sharing exhibition that was at the castle there is obviously the wonderful and very worthy DoESLiverpool: Ross Dalziel, Patrick Fenner and Adrian McEwen, (UK) Desktop Prosthetics.
A fave – I really like this News Knitter – I came across it in Data Flow –
actually is a go-to place
I saw this show in NY at MAD and it had some great work​ I know there is a catalogue
highlights – Richard Dupont Untitled #5, and the Articulated 3D-Printed Gown, by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti  are great – I gave a talk to science teachers about my work at nanotechDTC and met Mark Miodownik the director who was also talking – I thought was a particularly interesting project
I find the makerspaces excited – they have clubs for kids to get together and learn making  is a good one and the could be the future!
but my all time (at this moment) data go-to artist is Ryoji Ikeda – I first saw the work at the Vinyl Factory show at Brewer St Car Park and was blown away – the smaller show at Almine Rech was exquisite – if you get the chance go see Test Pattern which is in the exhibition everything at once – the Lisson show in the strand. I highly recommend it as the work is mesmerising – the rest of the show at 180 Strand is a mixed bag but there are some gems – we obviously love most if not all of the Lisson artists, the gallery has been a go-to space since I was a student. so we have Cory Arcangel, Lawrence Weiner and Dan Graham. Anish Kapoor pulls off a beautiful illusion of space, Rodney Grapham’s film Vexation Island is just very oddly bizarrely darkly funny but highlights are Ryoji Ikeda – the room is just digitally alive, Susan Hiller’s hypnotic room of TV’s and then there is the tightly edited film by Arthur Jafa on the roof, the experience of which is itself a gem – the view is eclectic.  

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