Featured marketplace researcher: Dilusha Rajapakse

Dilusha is a Lecturer in Textile Design at Birmingham City University, and an active researcher in the areas of smart materials and dynamic textile design. Dilusha will demonstrate the possibility of inventing and integrating transformable dynamic aesthetic abilities onto textile surfaces with the application of smart photochromic materials.

The ‘Beyond Pattern and Chaos’ symposium will take place on Wednesday 5th September 2018. For full details and to book a place go to www.nuapatternandchaos.com.


Dilusha Rajapakse: Electronically controllable multi-colour changing textiles, (2017), medium weight mercerised cotton poplin, 26 cm X 36 cm. Image © Dilusha Rajapakse 2017
Dilusha Rajapakse, Geometrical print pattern (Colour expression 1) ⥨ Geometric print pattern (Colour expression 2) (2017) Textile material: Medium weight mercerised cotton poplin, 26 cm x 36 cm, © Dilusha Rajapakse 2017




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