Symposium Speaker, Veronika Kapsali, Reader in Material Technology and Design, LCF

Biomimetics for Designers book cover – Veronika Kapsali

Veronika is Reader in Material Technology and Design at LCF where she is developing novel biomimetic approaches to design and innovation within the textile industry that intersect biology, material engineering and textile design. Veronika is an LCF graduate who was awarded a PhD scholarship to study engineering design at Bath University. Her practice intersects academic and manufacturing sectors both within her role as Reader and as co-director of MMT Textiles Limited and inventor of INOTEK TM (an award winning biomimetic textile platform that draws on ambient moisture to trigger reversible mechanical changes in the fabric structure, typically for advanced moisture and insulation management). Veronika is also a bestselling author in industrial design and consults extensively with private and public organisations in material science, textile technology, functional apparel and fashiontech.

Veronika’s research focuses on the application of findings from the study of biological systems and structures at different scales, into textile design. Essentially, she observe how properties and behaviours emerge from the interplay of pattern and chaos in the natural world and  work out ways in which to translate into the man-made sphere.

For the symposium, Veronika describes, via real example, how the study of pattern and chaos in biology has triggered innovation in engineering design and new potential approaches to practice in creative design.

More about Veronika’s work:

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