Featured Marketplace Researcher: Julian Berwick

A journey through the design and making process of a shoe.

Julian Berwick, Footwear Designer.

This table top demonstration will outline the various steps of shoe design and making.  There will be a focus on how shoe designers and makers create a 2d form and solve the puzzle of translating this into a 3d functional product made for the human foot.  The arrangement  will show the multi-layering and engineering of materials for footwear as well as the aesthetics, decoration and fit relating to anatomy, function and fashion.  The demonstration will show the development of a finished product through solution driven design. The table will encompass a ‘chaotic assemblage’ of drawings, patterns, materials, tools and equipment to create a finished shoe – highlighting problems and solutions in the design and making process.


Julian has worked with designer and high street brands designing and overseeing the manufacture of shoes, boots, specialist sports footwear and children’s shoes in the U.K., Taiwan, Ireland, India and North Africa.  He has worked at Universities and Art Colleges in the U.K., Ireland and India, teaching footwear and accessory design education to post graduate level.  Julian has also worked as a special consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the China Productivity Centre, Taiwan.  Julian recently co-owned an award-winning footwear training business, Shoeniversity in Ireland and has recently relocated from Ireland to Norfolk to establish a new footwear enterprise under his established brand Equipage.



Brogue perforation dies (photo c. M. Brennan, 2016)


Shoe components (photo c. J. Berwick, 2017)

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