Symposium Keynote Speaker, Professor Rob Kesseler, Chair in Arts, Design & Science, UAL

Prof Rob Kesseler, Allium ampeloprasum seed coat

We are delighted that Professor Rob Kesseler,  visual artist and Chair in Arts, Design & Science at the University of the Arts London will be joining us as a keynote speaker for the forthcoming Beyond pattern and Chaos Symposium, details here:

Rob says;

‘The ability to observe, identify and manipulate pattern has been the creative solvent I have employed to unravel and celebrate the chaotic spectacle of the living world in which we live. Through collaborations with scientists over the past twenty years it became apparent that this fascination, even fixation with pattern is something fundamental to our respective practices.

Zooming through increasing orders of magnification, using powerful microscopes reveals multiple worlds of complex patterns formed in the development of plant cells, seeds and pollen grains, leaf structures invisible to the naked eye. It has been my great fortune to work with the scientists using their technologies to reveal the micro-patterns underpinning life and share these with new audiences.’

Find out more about Rob’s work here:

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